Enforcement and Compliance

Enforcement and Compliance plays an important role in valley and stream corridor management. The TRCA’s Enforcement and Compliance Section works closely with Planning and Development staff to ensure compliance with our regulations and policies.

Enforcement and Compliance Officers regularly inspect and file reports on works approved under a TRCA permit. In cases where works are carried out without proper approval, an Enforcement and Compliance Officer will notify the proponent of the violation and may lay charges.

TRCA Enforcement and Compliance Officers are assigned to look after specific areas within the jurisdiction and carry out the following duties:

  • Provide information regarding regulations and development restrictions.
  • Liaise with contractors.
  • Undertake inspections of potential violations on regulated sites (as a preventative measure).
  • Regularly inspect for compliance with approved permits.
  • Resolve minor infractions in cooperation with the landowner.
  • Resolve violations through discussions, removal, restoration and/or the permit process where possible.
  • Process legal proceedings when necessary to ensure compliance.

To confidentially report a violation or to contact staff at the TRCA’s Enforcement Section:

Phone: 416-661-6600 x5229
Fax: 416-661-6898