Environmental Assessment Review and Permits

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s (TRCA) Environmental Assessment Review and Permit process help to protect people, property, and the watersheds we live in by taking an active role in planning and development for the region.

We review projects that affect our watersheds, and we regulate infrastructure development in or near valleys, streams and wetlands, and along the Lake Ontario shoreline.

Construction of infrastructure is considered development under the Conservation Authorities Act and a permit will be required if the infrastructure is proposed within a TRCA regulated area.

Environmental Assessment Review

Under the Planning Act and the Environmental Assessment Acts (federal and provincial), TRCA is a commenting agency and provides input on planning matters in various capacities. For public infrastructure and large private infrastructure projects, Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act is the principal review mechanism.

When the provincial Environmental Assessment Act was approved in 1975, conservation authorities were directed to provide technical clearance for natural resources management on applications made under the Act. Technical advice is also sought from TRCA for applications made under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. The majority of TRCA’s environmental assessment review falls under the provincial process.

How to Apply for a Permit

The TRCA regulates certain activities in and adjacent to watercourses (including valley lands), wetlands, shorelines of inland lakes and other hazardous lands.  TRCA issues permission for work in this area by issuing a permit under Ontario Regulation 166/06.  This role is granted to TRCA under section 28 of the Conservation Authorities Act.

Digital Review Submission Standards* for Routine Infrastructure Works Permit Review

  • Use a shareware application such as Microsoft One Drive
  • Email the EA Planner with a link to the shared file
  • Include the following information in the shared file:
    • Covering letter
    • Signed application form
    • Technical reports, drawings and other associated material

* NOTE: The planner will advise if submission of hard copy materials or any additional information is required for review or permit issuance.


 Application Forms

  1. Apply for a New Project
  2. Apply for Voluntary Project Review
  3. Re-submit or Change an Existing Permit
  4. Environmental Assessment Fee Schedule
  5.  Application for a Permit to Enter TRCA Property
  6. Application for Archaeological Review

When preparing your permit application, a number of studies and detailed information may be required depending on the location and scope of work of the project.  Technical guidelines and checklists below will provide guidance on these requirements.


TRCA EA Planners

Emma Benko | Planner I, Regions of Peel and Durham | emma.benko@trca.ca
Nathan Jenkins | Planner I, Enbridge Gas | nathan.jenkins@trca.ca
Nasim Shakouri | Planner I, Region of York | nasim.shakouri@trca.ca
Sierra Camilleri | Planner I, City of Toronto | sierra.camilleri@trca.ca